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Your rig?

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Some of my most played guitars. Couldn't get them all in the shot.


DSC08930 by Hentai No Baka, on Flickr

This has my bass from high school in it and my tele I am still building. My accoustic is from high school. Pretty easy to tell those because I put my initials on them.


DSC08926 by Hentai No Baka, on Flickr

My pedalboard at the moment. I need some One Spot cord adaptors for my Big Muff and the other couple ones on the power strip. The big grey thing is my power cleaner. I have my amps and pedals plugged in to it.


DSC08924 by Hentai No Baka, on Flickr

This is a pic of my new VHT Special 6 head plugged in to my GK 4x12 cabinet. It has old Celestion G70's in it. The head it is sitting on is an old rail GK 300 watt guitar head. Too loud with the kids, so I am excited about the VHT's 3 watt setting. (Although that is actually pretty loud through the 4x12.)


DSC08922 by Hentai No Baka, on Flickr

My little Randall combo amp from a pawn shop on top of my Crate bass amp from high school. I think the bass amp's speaker is going out. Not sure if I will replace the speaker yet or not.


DSC08923 by Hentai No Baka, on Flickr

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Well, I did say I would have some pics up soon.

Most of the regulars have seen my amp by now:


Heavily restored/ modified Selmer TnB 50 Mk iii circa 1968, includes a Mercury Magnetics output transformer and mostly Groove Tubes valves. The cab is a custom ordered 2x12 from Zilla mounted with 2 80 watt Celestion Rockdriver Pros.

Gibson SG, my main guitar, with Jaguar next to it:


The SG has a Bare Knuckle Riff Raff in the bridge and a Lace Sensor Gold/Gold Dually in the neck, which is wired with a spin-a-split via a concentric volume pot. Also has a momentary killswitch (the big red button on the pickguard).



Made By Mike Saltbooster+, Boss TU-2, Dunlop Crybaby (modded for true byass, vocal mods and Fasel inductor), Vox Big Ben overdrive (with a genuine Mullard ecc83 valve in it), T-Rex Bloody Mary metal distortion, 1978 V5 "op-amp" Big Muff, Fender volume pedal, Danelectro Tuna Melt tremolo, BYOC Phase Royal, Boss DD-6, Boss DD-3, Electro-Harmonix Holiest Grail reverb, channel switch.


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hey what's up. I'm Josh from Canada.

I had posted a set up from before, I have gotten a whole new rig since then haha. if you want pictures let me know,


1971 Sunn 1200s head (150 watts)

1966-1970 Traynor YBA-1 head (45 watts)


70s Sunn 412L with Celestion g12 75s (apparently used by John Entwistle from the who, all of his treble and highs went through this cab)

90s Sunn 2x15 Cabinet


1974 Ibanez Lawsuit les paul custom (lefty) black, 1970s Dimarzio pickups, Gibson tuning keys.... best guitar I've ever played.

2010 Fender Jazz bass (lefty) black with tortoise pickguard



Electro Harmonix Pocket Metal Muff (I have the biggest model too, but the smallest one sounds best to me surprisingly.)

Electro Harmonix Memory Toy

Vox Tonebender Germanium Fuzz (sold it, and regretting it reeeeeally bad)

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Update time


vox wah, morley classic wah, 2004 NYC big muff, 80's Proco Rat, devi Ever Truly beautiful disaster fuzz, Pigtronix polysaturator, MI audio Blue Boy Deluxe (first run), Boss PH2, PS-5, SD-1, DD-7, DD3, RC20 looper, EHX memory man, Ibanez CF-7, 80's Ibanez PT909 phaser. next pedal on my GAS list eventide Space!

Current guitars- Gibson SG Raw Power and a modded Ibanez ORM1, but im looking at getting a gretsch or a jazzy soon.

Amps- Blackstar HT20, Vox AC30, Peavey Bandit, Kustom DSP30 Ashdown POS.

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Right now for my band the rig has greatly decreased in size since I'm goin for a straight forward garage tone.

Fender Jaguar---> Fulltone 70 Fuzz----->Fender Hot Rod Deluxe with a Celestion Vintage 30

However I didn't get to bring my Orange Rockerverb 50 to school with me so now that I'm home the Hot Rod Deluxe is gonna get passed down to our rhythm guitarist who doesn't have an amp of his own yet and I'll be using an Orange like I should and all will be right in the universe!

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No rig is ever complete... but mine is currently:


Squier Jagmaster (detuned to hell for Drone stuff)

Blacktop Fender Jazzmaster

Squier Jaguar bass (Humbucker model, in sweet sweet silver)


Fender Frontman 212r (possibly upgrading in the near future)


Boss Distortion DS1

Boss Turbo Overdrive OD2

Boss Flanger BF2

Boss Compressor/Sustainer

Sonic Pharmacy Moon Patrol FX/feedback looper (with additional 'wormhole' controller)

Sonic Pharmacy Ernest Borgnine Fuzz (heavy as hell)

Sonic Pharmacy Crumble devolt unit

And coming soon: Sonic Pharmacy Earth bass fuzz

MXR Blue Box

Beyang Baby Boom Time Machine (cheap as can be, but a lot of fun)

Beta Aivin DD1 digi delay

Of course, this will grow and grow and grow, beyond all control. If anyone is interested in the Sonic Pharmacy stuff, you can find them on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Sonic-Pharmacy/205768589438011 - Website and demo clips are in the works as we speak. (hope this doesn't count as some sort of advertising that I shouldn't be doing!)

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Got a few new things since last time I was on here.


1976 Ibanez Lawsuit Les Paul Custom (Left Handed)


2010 Fender MIM Jazz Bass (Left Handed)


1971 Sunn 1200s

1971 Traynor YBA-1

1976 Ampeg V4


1990's Sunn/Fender Reissue 2x15 Cab

1971' Traynor 2x15

1976' Ampeg matching V4 Cab


Vox Tonebender Germanium Fuzz

Fulltone OCD

Electro-Harmonix Holy Grail

Boss TU-2 Chromatic Tuner

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Guest gypsyseven

Fender Vintage '52 Hot Rod Telecaster

Fender Classic Player Jazzmaster Special 3TS

Epiphone Casino "inspired by" Sunburst

Blueridge BR-163A

Korg Pitchblack Tuner

Maxon OD-808

EHX Big Muff

Durham Mucho Boosto

MXR MC-401

MXR Carbon Copy

Boss RC-2

Vox AC30 with Greenbacks

Yamaha G-5 (MIJ +-1977)

Vox Tonelab Desktop

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I don't own anything but my lefty Fender MIJ Jaguar, Boss Chromatic Tuner and Sunn Beta Lead 2x12 Combo now. Everything else is gone, which leaves me with a lot of extra cash to customize the gear I've kept. I'm trying something new.

I'm currently getting the Jaguar routed for a neck p90 pickup from Pickup Wizard here in Canada, adding a Seymour Duncan Hot Rail to the bridge, adding a Mastery bridge, buzz stop and putting a new switch for the neck pickup plate because the previous owner broke it off. I'm also looking into a gold anodized pickguard for it from a guy I've been talking to from the UK, he won't be done his batch of 50 until mid February at this point though. I'm getting a custom plate made by Paul Rhoney, I came up with an idea that he is doing for me, going to be pretty cool.The colour of the Jag right now is sunburst, there's a bunch of dings and dents in it at the moment, I'd like to get it painted, but I'm stuck on what colour to get it. Also looking into getting some Fender F style white button tuners, pretty much impossible to find.

The Sunn Beta Lead is a 2x12, from the late 70s. It is in MINT condition. Got it from a guy a few hours from me, he babied it. It's solid state, but louder than ANY tube head I've had (louder than the 71' Sunn 1200s which was around 140-150 watts and the 76' Ampeg V4 100 watts) and sounds great. I'm currently talking to an Ontario local amp builder (Saxon Cabs) to remove the head from the combo, and make it just a head, take the speakers out and make it a separate 2x12 because I plan on getting another Sunn Beta Lead head.

I'll be sure to post pictures of the process of both the cab/head and the Jag. The Jag is in the show right now.. I'm going insane without it haha.

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Dude, aren't Epi Sheratons the coolest arch top guitars ever, including Gibsons? I even prefer the Epi headstock over the Gibson one, but the entire Guitar, just looks amazing, I think the ES-3xx are just so boring. The Gretch models are kinda cool, but still, the proportion on the Sheraton is just perfect. Maybe that's because I watched too many Oasis performances when I was a kid.

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1995 Jag-stang or 2002 Jag-stang if guitar/guitar song

or if bass/ guitar set up either one of these below:


2009 MIM Jazz Bass, 1998 MIM Jazz Bass, 2002 MIM P Bass, 2006 MIM P Bass (Mike Dirnt sig)

Ibanez 1988 Roadstar 2 Bass

Zenta 1962 Bass

Got 7 Other Basses but can't remember them all

or my fully after market 1989 Squier

>Shure PGX wireless >

Through >Boss BCB 60> Digitech Bass Squeeze > Digitech Bass Envelope/Wah > Boss OC2 (1982) > Boss DS1 (2009) > Boss DM 2 (1983) > Ampeg SVT(US made, can't remember the year) > Upgraded 4X10 & 1X15 Cabs & Peavey active monitor for the drummer if needed.

Good Set Up =)

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