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Your rig?

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Well, we have some things in common. I too am the father of a 7 yr old little angel named Bella-Rose. I too work on cars and trucks. I have a couple of tire shops in Louisiana. My job comes first because i have lots of people depending on me but my passion after following in 3 generations of tire dealers is music. I have always wrote poetry and songs for as long as i can remember but i never had any intention of going any further. I knew where i'd be and besides a detour to the Marines by way of the prison system, i have arrived where i was supposed to be. I mounted and sold tires in grade school with my dad. Now that i can make a little time i have started to play a few more shows with friends and have spent lots of time getting music tracked so my little girl will have a head start if she chooses music. I also buy #### i don't need if the price is right and i end up needing it anyways. I think we can understand each other and nice to meet you. Thanks

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i'm just re-venturing back to the music world after a long break


Blacktop jag, fully rebuilt from the ground up - bone nut, increased neck angle and glued, SD JB bridge, SD phat cat neck, 500k pots, fret dress.... just got it back


Tele: gibson burstbucker, rio grandes - still at the luthiers




fromt right to left.... (and i will be building a proper board and cabling it properley.... this is a work in progress)

korg pitchblack > EHX black finger > MXR micro amp > Keeley modded DS-1 > EHX Small Stone (80's) > Little Big Muff > EHX Small clone > MXR Carbon Copy > Ibanez Lo-Fi

(ds-1 and joyo compressor w/ the orange amp are my gf's)

Amp: alas, Cube 20..... next on the list is a princeton reverb reissue and an AC15HW, but i have just spent about 2k on pedals and guitar rebuilds

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My main Rig:

08 Gibson LesPaul (honeyburst)- boss tu-3, ibanez weeping demon Wd-7, Maxon 808 tubescreamer, ehx little big muff, boss Dd-6 delay (all powered by voodoo lab pedal power 2plus) - into Marshall Jcm 2000 TSL100 head with Marshall 1960a 4x12 cabinet.

Spares: Fender US 50th ann. Ash strat (2tone sb)

Fender US Ash tele (2 tone sb)

PRS 513

Gibson 72 SG

Fender Jag-stang (fiesta red)

Fender mex 50th ann. Gold Strat

Fender 50th ann. Sunrise strat h/s/s

Gretsch Country Classic 2

Gibson J-200 (natural)

Squier srat

Spares: Fender tweed blues junior

Marshall Class 5

Marshall 1936 2x12 cab

Marshall Avt 150

Marshall Avt 150

Marshall VS100r

Spares: crybaby wah, boss blues driver, boss distortion, hyper phase,

Rv-5 reverb, ehx small clone, ehx big muff, multi chorus,

sustainer/compressor, whammy, and some other stuff...

I'd like to think after 20 years playing/collecting that ive got most tones covered with this little lot!!

...oh and the above list isnt everything either - just the stuff i could remember off the top of my head.

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Back on the Forums! Not that you guys would notice me leaving,


2009 Epiphone Les Paul Custom(Black) Stock

2008 Squier Jagmaster(Sunburst) Chrome knobs, open/black SD-6 bridge,Seth Lover HB-neck. "Zombies Eat Flesh" Sticker. Always in open G.

Through: NYC Muff, Fulltone OCD V.4, 1991 Proco "The Rat", DS-1, and Hardwire Valve Distortion

Into: Peavey Classic 30. With a Sovtek 12AX7 in the V.2 and a Groove 12AT7 in the V.3 rectifier slot. It almost sounds like a Valco to me now.

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My rig is always a complicated situation but..for the song i'm wrapping up i used mainly my blue tele and mesa. I used one fuzz pedal and that was Fredric Effects unpleasant companion. That fuzz is so obnoxious but in a fantastic way. I also used my ehx sitar pedal and here is where it gets tricky. The sitar pedal has 2 outs. One for lead and one for sympathetic strings with controls for both. I ran the sympathetic out to either a pignose or ac-4. After the sitar pedal on sympathetic out i used a small clone right before the amp. Someone told me to do that and they were dead on. It gave a little swirl to the drones. The other out, lead out, i ran into my mesa. I'll put a few pics. I have one more short lick to play and i'm going to use my jag and then i'm going to replay one other part with jag and double it with tele.





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This is what I have at the moment for my desk setup.



IMG_3328 by Hentai No Baka, on Flickr



IMG_3327 by Hentai No Baka, on Flickr


Boss TU-2 (Tuner) > EH Small Clone (Chorus) > SRC Phaser (Phaser) > Modtone Buzz Boy (Fuzz) > Boss BD-2 (Overdrive) > SRC Joker Muff (Op Amp Muff) > Mooer Black Secret (Distortion) > Boss RV-5 (Reverb) > SRC Far End Device (Mini Amp/Splitter) > Fender Eighty-Five and Vox Pathfinder 15r
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currently i have a battery operated amp(maybe one watt, no name) a boss ds-1, and a teisco del ray tulip that was found in a dumpster as well as a rouge 3/4 acoustic and 2 harmonics, i have downgraded ALOT!

Why have you down graded, other than maybe the noise factor. 

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long story short, i got hooked on herion, sold basically EVERYTHING for way too cheap, then got locked up for about 18 months and released with almost nothing and sent to a re-hab/halfway house.

i used to have 


and about 8 guitars.

96 jagstang(highly modded)

83 telecaster(highly moddd,binding, b-bender, different pups)

86 malibu acoustic

2006 malibu acoustic

99 fender jazz bass

a telecaster i made for myself

a pink left handed sx guitar that i setup for righty play and added dots.

and i think there are some im forgetting.... either way i had alot.

plus like 25-30 pedals all either boutique or high end.

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long story short, i got hooked on herion, sold basically EVERYTHING for way too cheap, then got locked up for about 18 months and released with almost nothing and sent to a re-hab/halfway house.

i used to have 

Oh man that's full on, how are you doing now? 

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My new setup:


Guitars: (depending on my mood for the show)

Fender Pawn Shop Mustang (Lake Placid Blue)

Fender Mustang MIJ (Daphne Blue)

Custom Jaguar I made myself (Purple w/ single JB Humbucker, Push/pull and Gold Hardware)

Fender Modern Player Jaguar (Sunburst)

Fender MIM Stratocaster (Sunburst W/ Maple Neck, JB Jr. in the Brindge and Texas Specials in middle and Neck)

Fender Blacktop Telecaster (Silver Sparkle, Single Bridge GFS Crunchy Humbucker)

Dillion Hi-Flier Clone with Bigsby style tremolo (Red)

Epiphone G400 (Alpine White Dimarzio X2N in the Bridge and Deactivator in the Neck)

Schecter Synyster Gates Custom (Black/Silver Pinstripe)

Assorted Smash Guitars



Pedal Train Classic

Boss Auto Wah

Snark Pedal Tuner

Digitech Whammy 4

Boss DS-1

EHX Small Clone

Boss Flanger

MXR Noise Clamp

TC Electronics HOF Reverb Mini

Sansamp Tri AC (only when needed if failure of my amp)



Mesa Boogie Studio Caliber .50 Plus (Modded to have a gain adjustment on each channel)

Crate Oversized 4X12 Cab (Celestion 50 watt Speakers)


I think that's it.

You can hear my rig on my band's YouTube channel BarberFloyd.


Check us out on facebook at www.facebook.com/barberfloydaz

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My Current Rig as of 2015


GUITARS Currently in ACtive Service

95 Fender Jag-Stang with EMG SA/81 combination

98 Fender Jaguar with SD Cool Rails

Home Built Jazzmaster

71 Fender MusicMaster with special pickup I'm planning to patent

13' Squier VM Bass VI

82' Hondo Paul Dean II

85' Kramer Focus 3000

87' Hohner 302HB Fat Strat

07' Squier Affinity Telecaster

07' Squier Jagmaster w/ Warmoth neck and Floyd Rose

83' Casio DG-1 Digital Guitar

08' Epiphone Special II Les PAul

04' Mahar Flying Vee

04' Harmony 2183 with Tune-O-Matic bridge

08' Dean ML-X repainted Gold with Skull Knobs and Gibson pickup covers

04' No-Name Wedding Guest List Acoustic

03' Epiphone AJ-18SCE Acoustic/Electric

86' Segovia Bass


+ A bunch of work-in-progress guitars including one new original body design inspired by the Jag-Stang and Kay Vanguard.



Digitech WH-4 Whammy

Crybaby GCB95 Classic Wah

BOSS PS-5 Super Shifter

Behringer PH-9 Phaser

DOD FX75B Flanger

BOSS DD-7 Digital Delay



Digitech RP-250

Roland Juno Di with MadKatz RockBand III Fender Mustang Pro MiDi controller for Midi Guitar work

Dell DiMension 4600 P4 2.8GHz PC running Windows XP Home x86


Windows Movie Maker



Bugera 333XL 120 Watt Head w/ 4X Bugera/Tung-Sol 12AX7 tubes and 4X Bugera/Tung-Sol EL34 power tubes, 44.7VDC BIAS Voltage

Modified Bugera FSB104 footswitch (it's customized to be scalable using RS232C cables, which also provides redundancy for the footswitch control lines leading ot less cable replacements + up to at least 30 feet of distance between me and the amp if needed).

Peavey 412M 4X12 Cabinet with Celestion GKB-85S Speakers

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