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Your rig?

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Fender Telecaster Custom & Fender Jazzmaster

George Dennis Wah - TS9 - Marshall Drivemaster - Kenmulti Fuzz - Vestax Compressor - MXR Micro chorus - Sovtek(green) small stone - Boss DD5 - DOD PDS2001 - Boss TR2 - Akai Headrush 2

Marshall Valve####e 8080

Fender frontman 25R

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Mustang, Jaguar, CustomShop Tornado, M77 or 79 strat into an MXR doubleshot then to a small clone then into an early 70's memory man and right into a Fender Twin.

Very cute setup!

I love my Jagstang, but i never played a Mustang or a Jaguar. Witch one is your favorite?

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Gibson Marauder


Dan Armstrong

Parker PM-20

Ibanez SF420

Ibanez TC-420 (Talman)

plugged straight into

Mesa/Boogie Mark IV short head thru a 4x12 Marshall Cabinet.

Very occasionally when I play bigger venues I use a Boss Loop Station for a bigger sound, but ninety percent of the time it stays in the box.

All acoustics are used dry, mic'd by the sound hole and go straight through the PA.

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DAMN! That's a fine setup!

Mine pales in comparison...

Jag Reissue (Mustang bridge mod, Hot duncan pup)

Epi 335 (bare knuckle pickups pending!)

Boss TU-2, of course

Crybaby ltd edition white

Boss OS-2 overdrive/distortion

Boss CE-5 chorus

Line6 Verbzilla

Mesa Nomad 155 Combo

I'd really like a new drive pedal, maybe a sparkle drive and hopefully I'll be able to get enough money to get a Fender Twin from selling my Mesa. I'd also like a nice tremolo pedal, probably a fulltone.

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1977 Gibson LP standard, with an old Dimarzio Super distortion in the bridge. I bought this guitar used for $400, from my friend's room-mate. He knew what it was worth, but he just wanted to get rid of it. I felt guilty buying it for that price, and I actually offered him more, but he refused!

1980 walnut Gibson Explorer E/2, both pickups are the stock Gibson Dirty Fingers that are standard for this model. Lucked out on an ebay auction and got it for $475.

2006 '69 RI jap Mustang, all stock for now. My most recent acquisition. I got it used, the guy who bought it sixth months ago played it for maybe 10 hours and left it in the case.


Fender Pro Junior with JJ tubes, stock speaker, with the guitar pulgged in straight, no effects.

Roland MicroCube, usually on the "classic" setting (Marshall amp model). The MicroCube is the amp I play with at home, so as not to get evicted!


I don't usually use effects, but I'm currently building a BYOC Fuzz Face clone.


1974 Fender Precison, with EMG-P pickup and Schaller roller bridge. Plays like butter and sounds incredible. I got this at a pawn shop for $400 bucks!

1980 Aria Pro II SB-2 Elite. Also a cheap pawn shop buy, can't remember what I paid for it.

Bass Amp:

SWR Grand Prix preamp into a pre-Fender SWR Workingman's 10 combo.

I used to have a giant bass rig, with peavey 4x10 and 2x15 cabs. It sounded god-like, but it was such a hassle to transport that I got rid of it. I only kept the Grand-Prix from that setup.

Overall, I've been pretty lucky to get the instruments I have for so cheap.

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nice gear dude. whats the purple boss pedal? it doesnt look like flanger is it some older model?

black flag,ftw

Boss HF-2, it's a 'Hi-Band Flanger'. Indeed Black Flag FTW, I'm trying to collect their back catalog on Vinyl, so far I have my favourites 'The Process Of Weeding Out' and 'Nervous Breakdown', next stop 'My War'.
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