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Fuzz Face/Mustang: Humbucker vs. Single Coil?

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Hey guys, new here. Just wondering, I'm getting a Squier Vintage Modified Mustang at the end of the month. I'm also gonna get a Fuzz Face. I'm gonna put a TOM bridge in as well, and sand the gloss off the neck. But, should i also get a Seymour Duncan JB? Would it work with the Fuzz Face? I'm going for psychedelic stuff, like Hendrix who used single coils obviously, but I feel the single coil AND the short scale length will result in a honky tone. Thoughts?

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    • By Mustangg
      I'm soon getting a squier vintage moddified mustang and I'm planing on routing it for a humbucker in the bridge but how would I know exactly where to put it? So that it would be the right tone and aftermarket humbucker pickguards would fit it? Please help.
    • By ArbiterStang
      I've got a Fender Jaguar I'm looking into modding. I'm planning to put two humbucking pickups into it, but have them coil tapped with out of phase. I would go for the Push Pull knobs, but I'm happy with the standard pots the Jaguar comes with and not planning to do that. I rather like the idea of two three way switches wired up for coil-tap/out of phase like the Pawnshop mustang. I have all the parts I need to get working on it. Just need help in terms of Electronics/schematics since I'm not sure where to wire what to where etc. I've had a look around on the internet for schematics, but I'm still confused to the wires would go. 
      I basically got 
      Got a Ken Custom Fender Jaguar (basically a fancy Classic MIM Jag) [standard Jag Schematics]
      Two humbucking Pickups with 4 way braids
      Two Three-Way Mustang Switches
      Additional wires if needed
      Any help would be greatly appreciated. 
    • By raoulduke215
      Hello all. I'm hoping for some wiring assistance. Here's the scoop:
      CIJ RI Fender Mustang. 2004 approx. Current pups are single coils, don't think they are stock though. I am the second owner, looks like previous owner installed staggered single coils (brand unknown, both neck & bridge read 5.8K on the back of the pup). I am replacing the bridge pickup with a Seymour Duncan Lil' Screamin' Demon single-coil sized humbucker. I also picked up CTS 500K pots (audio taper). One of them is push/pull. The tone cap I have to install is .022uF.
      I am looking to wire it for the following switch settings:
      -0- -0- both pickups off
      -0- 0-- bridge on (forward)
      -0- --0 bridge on (back)
      0-- -0- neck on (forward)
      --0 -0- neck on (back)
      0-- 0-- both pups on, in phase
      --0 --0 both pups on, in phase
      0-- --0 both pups on, out of phase
      --0 0-- both pups on, out of phase
      My aim is to have the push/pull as the tone pot. Pushed in, humbucker, pulled out single coil. So for the aforementioned settings, the settings with both pickups would be bridge as humbucker when pushed. Then bridge as single coil when pulled. And with the bridge-only pup setting, the same push/pull controls.
      I want the out of phase settings to be humcanceling, regardless of humbucker/single coil push/pull.
      Is this possible? I can't seem to find a wiring diagram for this specifically. Does anyone have a simpler idea to achieve these (or comparable) settings? Thanks!
    • By Super Fuzz Big Muff
      So i'm thinking about getting a Jazzmaster. I've had my eye on the Classic Player's Jazzmaster for a bit of time but, I have a few concerns.
      1.The Bridge
      I've heard that people usually have problems with string popping out on the stock Jazzmaster Bridges. Do you guys have a preference between the mustang bridge and the mastery bridge? 
      2 The Pickups
      I've played the Vintage Modified Jazzmaster before, and it was a pretty good sounding guitar. Are the stock pickups on the classic any beefier, i've thought about swapping out the bridge pickup for a Lollar P-90 or a Curtis Novak PAF style Humbucker. I play alot of alternative rock, mainly Smashing Pumpkins, Nirvana, Sonic Youth, etc.  
      Some suggestions would be awesome. Thanks!  
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