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'Designed by Kurt Cobain' not on my Jag-Stang

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Hi this is my first post on this forum.

I have just recently purchased a Jag-Stang, it is a 1994-1995 model. I have also just realized that it doesn't say Designed by Kurt Cobain on the back of the head stock. If anybody could  help me and tell me if this is normal or not it would be appreciated.



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Hi XaG.  You mean like is in the below photo, correct?

Those are just stickers and they were sometimes removed by owners over the years. Some of the guitars may have never had the stickers. It's hard to know for sure. The presence of those stickers is no real indication of the year the guitar was made. 


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Hi thanks for the reply. 

I didn’t know the ‘Designed by Kurt Cobain’ was a sticker, thanks for clarifying that. I was just worried that the Jag-Stang that I bought wasn’t authentic, but now I know. Thanks again for your help it’s appreciated. 



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IIRC, the stickers were only present on the original 1995-2003 run, the 2004-2006 run (which actually ran till 2007 apparently) did not have the Designed by Kurt Cobain stickers.

The 1995-1996 models like mine and the photo above also had the 50th Anniversary sticker.  My modded 1995 still has both.....plus my own sticker ;)

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