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Are MIJ jag's necks thicker than MIM/AV's?

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As my Squire VM Jaguar got stolen, I'm considering MIJ Traditional 60s or MIM Classic Player for upgrade, but I can't test a Japanese model.

According to Japanese Fender website, MIJ stock model are having an ''U Shape'' neck, when most of the other Jaguar stock models like MIM Classic Player or American series are made with ''C Shape'' necks.

MIJ Traditional 60s


MIM Classic Player


American Vintage


So does it mean MIJ Jag are having a thicker or bigger neck?

As a player with small hands, it's considerable to have thinner necks because they are more comfortable to play with. Thanks a lot

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just a little heads up..stay away from MiJ jazzmaster/jaguar from the 90ies..total crap


i can't testify on this but i heard MiJ guitars are made with smaller hands in mind..but liek i said i can't vouch for this


better to go to a store and check it yourself

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