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Mustang Offset

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What are peoples thoughts on the new Mustang offset guitars? No trem & no switches. Just wanting to get other people's opinions as a cheap alternative.  I already have some humbucker guitars. I used to own a strat and a jagstang. But now the offset mustang with single coils has grabbed my attention. ;) thanks in advance. 

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I am quite new to the Mustang-world, but I got the single coil version recently. 

I've played a stratocaster (Squier classic vibe 2010) for a couple of years now, but before that I had a Squier Jagmaster II. I play rhythm guitar in my band, and i'm only using the neck and bridge positions and I didn't use the tremolo on the stratocaster. After some abusive years on stage I was starting to look for a replacement for the Stratocaster, and I was looking for a light guitar with two single coil pickups with simple switching, lightweight, no tremolo and preferably had some "classic", but quirky looks. The new Fender Offset matches most of these requirements. I previously looked at other Mustangs, but the placement of the pickup selectors was a no go for me. 

I've now owned it for a couple of months now, and it feels quite well made. Hardware does whats it supposed to do, tuners feels nice and keep the tuning well. It's a very simple guitar, which I like. Not much that easily can go wrong. It is a little bit strange to go from full scale to shortscale, but the playability is very high. I put one gauge heavier strings on it, and the tension is now very similar to my stratocaster with .10's on it. The neck feels a tiny bit beefier than my stratocaster, and fit my hands well. I really like that the neck has the satin back, which doesn't feel as sticky as the gloss necks.  I changed out the black pickup covers with white covers from a very cheap stratocaster, which made it look a little bit more "vintage". The sound is of course a bit different from the stratocaster, more high end with the tone control all the way up. Try it out in a music store and look for videos online to get a grip of the sound, i dig it though! The controls feels good, even though I feel like the Strat-style controls have better grip and precision. I've been thinking of changing these, but I look the aestetics of the ones on it from factory. 

The one problem I have with this guitar is that I sometimes hit the 3-way switch when playing aggressively and jumping around on stage. This haven't yet caused a unexpected change of pickups, but I've been very close to drop my pick and i've lost the beat for a split second. This is probably not a problem for someone playing "normal" and not playing in a punk-rock band as me. I'm not really sure how I will tackle this problem, but thats for another post.

I would recommend this review as well: http://sheshredsmag.com/fender-mustang-review/


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