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Hi everybody i was just wondering what cases do you guys use for your jagstangs? I seen there was a forum already up about jagstang cases but wanted to hear what people use to accomodate multiple guitars. I was looking into the 'Gator GW-JAG Deluxe Offset Electric Guitar Case'. Although I'am not set on it. I'am ideally looking at getting a case i can use for my strat as well and not spend a ton of money. Your guys input opinions are appreciated. 

Thanks :)

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My case came with the jagstang new so I have little experience with aftermarket cases.

However it's not very likely that a case that will fit a jaguar/jazzmaster will also fit a stratocaster well due to the very different body shapes. But since I have little experience I could very well be wrong. If you have a local shop that you can actually try them out would be best. Or online shop with good return policy.

There is quite a bit of feedback on these cases at amazon. https://www.amazon.com/Gator-Jazzmaster-Electric-Guitars-GW-JAG/dp/B004PXOB26   Keep in mind the feedback is for all the models they have available and not just the GW-JAG model.


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Most strat cases I've found - such as my Alvarez case my Kramer and MusicMaster share - don't have enough length in the body area to accomodate a Jag-Stang.  The case I have is the original one I got with mine back in 2000.  The kind of case you'd want is a Fender Mustang/Duo-Sonic/Musicmaster/Bronco case, which is basically all that the Jag-Stang's original cases were.  So if Gator has something for Mustang's you're in luck.


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