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Tremolo Problems


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Hi everyone. I'm having real problems with the trem on my Japanese jaguar.

It started with a really ugly creaking sound which, after a bit of googling, seemed to be due to the spring being too loose or something. So, I tightened the screw below the hold button and thought I'd fixed it. 

Then I noticed a clacking sound because the moving part was hitting against the plate. So I loosened the screw. 

Now I'm moving between the two, and tightening or loosening leads to each of the problems reappearing. It is driving me MAD.

Also, the hold switch is very loose and doesn't make any difference whether its forward or back.

All in all, it's a complete nuisance and makes the thing all but unplayable. Do I have to remove the whole trem? If so, what am I looking for and how can I fix it? 

Any suggestions very gratefully received.

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I am having a similar problem on my 2013 MIJ 60s reissue jag. I have taken it to a shop in brooklyn 3 times and the clack finally went away on the third time but just for a few hours of playing. Now it's back, but only makes the noise after I extend upward. IT'S ALSO DRIVING ME MAD. The entire reason I bought a Jaguar was for the floating trem system, which is rendered useless when it makes this hideous sound. The techs have been pretty nice but I'm really irritated that they would return a guitar back to the customer with issues. 

These things are meant to bend up AND down, no?? 

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