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    • By Bog
      When i removed the bridge of my jaguar I found a surprise. how can i remove the rust without ruining the paint?
    • By eiknaxui
      I am building a Jazzmaster and I have a Jazzmaster bridge, but I don't have the tremolo part. Is it possible to use a standard Tune-O-Matic tailpiece with a Jazzmaster bridge instead of the tremolo? I would also want those two parts to be quite close to each other like a standard Tune-O-Matic would be. Thanks.
    • By tdrapes
      Hey ya'll, new member here but I'm in a bind. I'm looking for the screws to a jag-stang that my buddy has in his possession. It's got some work that's gotta go into it, but most importantly is I'm missing the screws for adjusting the bridge height for the action. The pic shows the ones I'm missing.
      Any of ya'll know where I might be able to find the screws? If not, what are my options for this?
      Thanks for any help!
    • By DDD
      So the tuners on my 1965 Mustang are pretty tough to turn.
      I watched a video on how to clean and lube them up: http://www.stewmac.com/How-To/Online_Resources/Guitar_Tuning_Machine_Installation_and_Repair_Inform/How_to_clean_and_lube_dirty_old_guitar_tuners.html and ordered all of the stuff to do it   Then I went back to the guitar and figured out that, duh, the tuners on this model don’t have the holes to drip in the naphtha and lube. The question is, how do I clean these out? Can they be opened?   I jiggled the peg around a bit, but did not want to force it.
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