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Hola all,

I've been lurking for 6 years and finally stumbled across the opportunity to pick up a first run Jag-Stang yesterday.  She's unmodded and a beauty to boot!

With all my gear acquisitions, one of the first things I do is a deep clean and a re-string.  When I took the neck off, I found some stamps, on both the neck and the body:




Does anyone have any clue as to what these mean?  Any/all insight would be greatly appreciated!

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Hello SynapticGroove,


this is what I know about the fender japan codes (*)


'95 is the year of manufacturing

EX stays for exported (and not EXTRAD: check here for what Extrad means http://xhefriguitars.com/page9.html )

T is maybe the serial number letter (T in MIJ guitars was the letter for the '94-'95 models). 

Your Jag-Stang is Made in Japan (and not Crafted in Japan), isn't it?

(*) I have a MIJ Tele Reissue '62 of mid-ninties: sadly it was a transition model (between MIJ and CIJ), without any serial number anywhere, so I checked a lot of time inside the neck pocket and the neck bottom to find the exact year of manufacturing (the serial number on the bridge plate isn't trustworthy, because the A serial was used in '85-'86 and reused in the mid-ninties japan reissues). Sadly, as sometimes happens, there wasn't any handwritten inside.

Considering that I am talking of a reissue model, my Telecaster stamps are:

TLC-62B (neck): in this case TL stays for Telecaster, C62=cutom 62, B...well, I don't remember if B stays for bounded or for a Color palette code (3tone sunburst). 

C-62B EX (neck pocket)

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You are welcome.

But, hey, I could be wrong: by exemple the "95" in the neck could indicate  the year of production of the neck (or, I suspect, the model of jagstang, JT95) and not necessarily the year of your jagstang. Looking into the Jag-stang registry, by exemple, I noticed that 95 is stamped in the bottom neck and neck pocket of a 1996 Jagstang, this one: https://www.jag-stang.com/registry/guitarinfo/1236/o2 .

BUT, Always in the registry, we see that another 1996 Jagstang, (this one https://www.jag-stang.com/registry/guitarinfo/1061/o2) saying '96 in the bottom neck BUT jt95 in the neck pocket.

And here, https://www.jag-stang.com/registry/guitarinfo/1051/o2, we see both JT95EX and '96 in the neck pocket.

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JT-95 is just the Jag-Stang's model name. No matter the year, it's always JT-95. Same with other Japanese Fenders, Mustang is MG-69, Strat is ST-62, Jaguar is JG-66. It's just how Fender Japan marks their models

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