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Replacement Tuners


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Kluson tone pros with press fit bushings.  They look stock but are stronger.  I had them on my Jag-Stang until 2014 when I upgraded to Kluson Revolutions......which are the best I've had thus far.  The durability and toughness of a sealed gear with the split shafts and vintage fender look.

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Why I changed was because the Revolutions were truly my dream tuning machine head.  Even as sturdy as the tone pros are, I'm VERY hard on my guitars - think Steve Vai/Stevie Ray Vaughn/Eddie Van-Halen hard on them, and my Jag-Stang starting as of 2014, was doing sometimes up to 3-4 1.5 hour rock shows a week live, and was getting quickly thrown into gig bags with minimal padding sometimes to go into my car late at night when I was in a hurry to get home and sleep for work.  I broke 2 of the Tone Pro high E string tuners on the Jag-Stang due to a few accidents between shows with Zombie Jihad and the Sweaty Vedders, so in 2015 when the Revolutions were fairly new, I bought a set for my Jag-Stang and a custom Mosrite style guitar I built - both of those guitars still have those tuners and they both get used VERY hard - my Jaguar got upgraded about a month after those two.

What really drew me to the revolutions was that they were sealed gear tuners like the Schaller style tuners Kurt Cobain used, and my old Kramer guitars had which never break and some of those got slammed on the ground headstock first by accident and still work like new, one set of those is almost 35 years old now.  But the thing I HATED about the schallers was that installing them on anything that had "F" tuners or Klusons looked awful with the extra holes, and I absolutley LOVE slot shaft tuners because I don't have sharp ends of string to work with, plus I find restringing faster with them.

Also, the Revolutions can come with standard bushings (My Jaguar and a Memphis/Behringer strat I have have those), my Jag-Stang and Mosrite have bolt tuners.  ALL are split shaft.  I still have TonePros on my Telecaster and my Jazzmaster as of current, though I plan to upgrade those if they break.  So I can vouch for both, I don't gig the Tele or Jazzmaster as much.

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