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I own a Japanese Fender Jaguar which I asked Fender to date for me. They told me it's a 1997 model, but they also said it’s quite unique as the serial number doesn't fall neatly into their set of categories and that I should get it valued.

The serial number is “Crafted in Japan V036072”

It’s V +6 digits which makes it 1996-97, but it says ‘Crafted in Japan’ which they only began on models A+6 digits from ’97 onwards.


Would be interesting to know if this unconventional serial number increases the value of the guitar, and what that value would be? Any help would be appreciated!



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We also came across this in our Jag-Stang Registry where we order the jag-stang's by serial number.

If you look at this page of jag-stangs in the Registry you can see the transition from MIJ to CIJ with a V+6 serial number. (ignore the V999999 number)

We know that japan production moved to a new plant in the 96/97 time period. See wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fender_Japan 
So best guess would be that these CIJ V+6 are "transitional" serials and not really unique.

From the limited number of guitars in the Registry it looks like the cutoff between MIJ/CIJ is around the V028000 range of numbers. Although there are some overlapping that number on both sides the cutoff is right around there.

The lowest CIJ V+6 we've seen is V028339  and the highest one is V039576. Your's fits right in that range. This should not impact the value however.

Great looking guitar!

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