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Need Help Identifying a Vintage Mustang

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Hello all. I have been doing a lot of research as I intend to sell a guitar I inherited about 10 years ago from a family member who was original owner. I'm having a very hard time trying to find a match on the serial number so I can accurately represent the instrument as what it is. I have a serial number of 45003943. But everywhere I've looked, a Mustang's number is supposed to start with "49" not "45." However, the rest of the number system seems to make sense... see below:

45 - ?

00 - Rosewood Fretboard

39 - Week 39 (October)

4 - 1974

3 - Wednesday

Here are some pictures, I'd really appreciate some help on ID so I don't accidentally screw anyone over or I don't get screwed over. I'm guess it is a 1974 Competition/Burgundy Blue, but I'd like some confirmation or alternative suggestions from others who are more knowledgable.

Neck/Body Slot: https://imgur.com/zO9DU1u

Thanks in advance!

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In case anyone stops by, for reference, I have reached a pretty high level of confidence that the date is 1974, based on the neck stamp (check this site here for the fruits of a few peoples' research: http://www.fendermustangstory.com/) and the metal plate number (which I forget to take a picture of, but is registering on Fender website as being manufactured either 1973 or 1974). 

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