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Jaguar Classic Player in Oly White w/single coils--does it exist, or did I buy a misrepresented Squier?

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Hey, did Fender ever release a single coil version of the Classic Player Jaguar in Oly White w/tort guard?

I know there's an HH version, but I bought a (used) Oly White Jag that purports to be a Classic Player, but is routed for single coils.   But I can't find another Oly White Classic Player with single coils online no matter how hard I look.

I see that there's a Squier Classic Vibe in white w/tort.  I'm wondering if that's what this body is?  

 I can't go by the neck, because it was replaced with a "Modern Player" before I bought the guitar.

Any/all feedback appreciated.  I'm selling this guitar and I don't want to misrepresent it.  Does anyone know for sure, or can anyone offer ways of distinguishing between a classic player and a classic vibe?  

Also if there's a better forum to ask this question, please let me know.  Thanks!




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I see the description on reverb was updated.

That said, they did make Classic players with single coils, but I've only seen sunburst examples IRL, but Oly White was an option IIRC.

The main difference besides the pickups were the HH classic players forewent The stock Jaguar wiring in favor of a kill switch and coil split rollers where the rhythm circuit was.  The SS Jag CPs had stock 60s style wiring.

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