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Teh Ibanez Valbee Dilemma

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Well, Today i FINALLY got a ride to teh music store (as you may know, i was going for a Valbee).So when i arrived i asked some dude that works there if i could try it out, he was like: YESH!! sure. BUT, the damn thing was broken and it was the last in stock so i couldn't give it a try :( .

Then he asked me: Dude, yer looking for a Tube amp? I was like: YESH!!1, but the valbee is like the cheapest tube amp i've ever seen and good for home use. The the guy asked me to wait and went down to some room where they have old used stuff. So he recommended me this, and i bought it. (after wetting my pants when i tried it out first, because it rox)

It's a Bogey T30R Tube amp, any1 knows if its any good? nothing on Harmony Central :(, i like it to.



And then i was looking for a pedal and that guy suggested this:

It's a Boss ME-6, and it looks old >__< (cant try it out yet, dont have teh damn power adapter)


Sighs...the amp only costed me 119 euros and that effect thingy 40, was it a good deal or am i a total retard?

Greets, lol :roll:

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nice amp looks really hot! oh u can find out what tubes are in it by looking in the back there should be some hanging or theres a metal covering where you can see in, unscrew that covering and you can take a peak at the tubes check if there new and if there are any missing you know.

Dunno, this amp doesnt have that plate. All i know is that the Tube(s) is/are glowing red and thats it...(can peep through that thingy thats to the right of the logo)I don't really know alot about tube amps since this is my 1st one :-D

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oh wait, its on the top of the amp (rofl) i did unscrew it, but cant see the tubes because theyre a little deepir within the amp. And yea, no standby switch, but when i turn it on i ave to wait like...a minute before the sound come trough (and it suxzors, have to wait like 5 minutes and it will pwn)

And when i turn it off it make slike...this weird arse "spaceish" sound.

Lol, kinda weird that this amp is a mystery to all :-D

PS, dammit, i'm gonna unscrew the whole frkin thing then to find out wich tubes it has :lol:

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