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Line 6 Uber metal pedal

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You'd be better off going for a Boss MT-2. I dont think there is a pedal that can compete with it for meTal tonez in that price range, it has a decent EQ as well so it covers a lot of sounds from punk to scooped mids rockage.

Thats a great pedal, even though it says metal on it...

Im not a metal fan but you have to admit, thats a fairly nice pedal, and it does have a huge range of tones, everything from Nirvana's 1988 Reciprocal Studio demos with Dale Crover to Soundgarden's Screming Life/Fopp EP to the Melvin's Houdini and pretty much anything else...

Shun me all you want, I dont like metal but this a #### great pedal!

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