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Intonation issue + recommended mods

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I know these questions have already been asked a lot. But I wanna be sure that, with my situation, I have my information correctly. The main problem is that my Jagstang always seems to have incorrect intonation. Even an hour after I got it back from a luthier. I just don't get it right and I've been to two different luthiers who told me they did the best they could and told me the guitar simply has this problem. (The only solution I have right now is to fix the intonation every time I think needs be.) I just wanna know for sure if some of you have any tips or were actually able to fix it?

As far as mods go. In the near future I'm going to replace the tuners and humbucker (both of them stock). Is there anything else also worth replacing? People here seem to be 50/50 on changing the bridge for example. 



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