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spacer.pngspacer.pngspacer.pngI made a thing, not sure what to call it

I stuck Lendy Fralin jazzmaster pickups and a vintage DeArmond pickup taken from a Airline bobcat.

Switch is wired like a LP and I left the rhythm circuit in tact.

I have a black pickguard and knobs on the way along with a few tweaks and a proper set up I'll be completely in love

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    • By knapster
      Hello, managed to get my mitts on a staytrem bridge.  Question, is there suppose to be a generous amount of wiggle room when I drop it in the posts?  Is that what they mean by a rocker?  Thanks in advanced.  Jeff
    • By eiknaxui
      I am building a Jazzmaster and I have a Jazzmaster bridge, but I don't have the tremolo part. Is it possible to use a standard Tune-O-Matic tailpiece with a Jazzmaster bridge instead of the tremolo? I would also want those two parts to be quite close to each other like a standard Tune-O-Matic would be. Thanks.
    • By SpookyMr
      Hi. I am planning on modding my Surf Green Squire vintage modified jaguar to have 2 4 wire humbuckers, a three way toggle switch, and a coil tap on the neck pickup, however I want to keep the rhythm circuit and low cut switch. (basically similar to a Kurt Cobain jag except only master volume and master tone, neck coil tap, and keeping the low cut switch) I'm 17 and I'm not very good with wiring, also jag wiring is especially confusing. Would anyone be able to help me figure out a wiring diagram for this, or at least help explain it to me? Are there any other mods I should try for this guitar? 
    • By MikeWid
      I bought a new Sqiuer VM Jazzmaster, and found buzzing and crackling after using the tremolo.
      I sent it back to the shop. 
      I received the guitar back yesterday, but the fault was not fixed.
      I checked the bridge to jack ground with a multi-meter and it was open circuit.
      I made a diagnostic fix by connecting a wire from the jack nut to one of the tremolo screws. (see attached)
      The static noise has gone completely.
      I found a diagram on the web showing a ground wire to the bridge posts.(attached)
      However, I am sure the ground wire is connected to the bridge post (top E), but the floating bridge loses ground when you use the tremolo.
      If you push the bridge forward or back the ground is good but the bridge shifts as you use the tremolo.
      THE CAUSE:-
      The guitar was set up as you would a Strat (no floating bridge), the bridge was lowered right down by the 2 adjusters at the sides. Then the string heights were set by each string adjuster.
      The bridge height adjuster on the earth side (top E) was not making good contact with ground.
      There are 2 screws which adjust bridge height, in the holes on each end of the bridge.
      They are adjusted with the tiny alan key.
      I raised the bridge by about 4mm. then lowered each string adjuster.
      The bridge now rocks smoothly as the tremolo is used, and the strings now stay grounded.
      JOB DONE.
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