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Left Handed Mustang or Mustang Style Body?

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I'm pretty new to guitar, (about 2 or so months) and I am pretty interested in Grunge/Alternative music. I was looking into buying a new guitar since I am left handed.(I've been playing on a strat upside-down) I specifically want a Mustang,or Mustang style body, but they don't come cheap as I have seen on Reverb and Ebay. If I can find a body, I'm willing to drop some parts in, but I can't find one.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


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I personally just flipped a mustang to play it left handed. Worked for me. After that I got a Japanese Jaguar which was okay. But honestly, unless you broke your guitar, do you really need another one with only 2 months of playing? Unless your guitar is getting in the way of your play, get a new guitar when you know what you actually want.

And if you broke it, just fix it up with duct tape and a soldering iron. It's actually not that hard.



Kind regards



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