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Fecal matter scum

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Hi everyone. I am a bit depressed.

I miss my Jagstang so bad and I will never own it again. It sucks. I just wanted to write it here because covid is making me go insane. Anyone got any clue how to convince whoever bought the damn thing to give it back to me? I don't want to kill anyone, that's too far. Exclusive backstage pass or something? I don't know? Not like it damn matters, because people think I died (which I did, but whatever).


ps, I called it a JAGSTANG not a jag-stang, thank you.


Have a good day.




Anyone got a left handed jagstang that they are willing to sell? I have no money but perhaps we could figure something else out? I sound pathetic, but I am.


Still have a good day





I am Kurt Cobain, no joke, it's true.

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