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Original Bridge - anyone have a part number/link?

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I'm the original owner of a 1996 Jagstang.

At one point, I replaced my bridge with a Gotoh "tune-o-matic" style.

The posts were too thin, and it required an electrical tape mod/etc, which I was never thrilled with. If fact it's never really played right since.

I'm sure there's someone that could make it work right, but it's not me, and I also now dislike the gold color that I chose at the time. 

Does anyone know the part number for the original jag-stang saddle style bridge? I lost my original, and I would like to go back to stock instead of any drill/tape/too wide option.

I am aware of the flaws of the original but it worked well enough for the the type of music that I play with this guitar.

 Is This it?

(Fender Part #: 003-5555-000, if the link is bad by the time you see this)



Thanks for any help.   


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