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What kind of guitars, pedals and amps do you guys have?

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fender jaguar MIJ olympic white '96

fender jagstang CIJ sonic blue '04

fender swinger '69 (for sale)

cort electro acoustic

marshall JCM 900 head + 1960A cabinet

fender twin reverb reissue

fender performer 650 (for sale)

danelectro fab tone

danelectro daddy-o

custom made big muff

boss tremolo

boss line selector

boss compressor (for sale)

strorm chorus


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I didn't know that many other people had Princeton 112 plus's... I used to have one but I sold it to my brother's friend... I didn't really like the sound of it... and it had this problem when I turned it off, it would make this really loud squealing feedback sound until it shut off.

Wow! I thought that was just my amp, and something being wrong with it. Because I picked it up from a Goodwill store for dirt cheap, I never bothered worrying about it as I figured that was the reason it was donated there. :)

Anyhow, ya... the sound of it is not much to my liking either, which is why I want to get a HRD instead.

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Yeah, my Princeton does that as well. If you turn the OD channel to 0, it won't do it, as it's just switching channels when you shut it off. Annoying as hell, thus why I don't use it.

That is really weird and annoying. I thought the same thing as Andy since I got it pretty cheap from Music Go Round. I thought my amp was going to blow itself up one day, and I didn't even really like the sound of it... so I sold it before it caused me any more problems... My brother's friend who I sold it to hasn't had any problems with it, besides that channel switching squeal when you turn it off... he likes the sound of the amp too, so I'm glad I sold it to him.

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1958 Gretsch Streamliner (Bamboo Yellow / Copper)

1966 Rickenbacker 345 (Fireglo)

1972 Fender Jaguar (Daphne Blue)

1965/1978 FrankenJagtang (Shell Pink '65 Jag body with 1978 maple Mustang neck, SD Little '59s)


1954 Gibson J-45 (Sunburst)


2004 Fender Jaguar Baritone (Sunburst)


1960's DeArmond Volume Pedal

Late 60s Thomas Organ Crybaby (Chicago with stack-of-dimes inductor)

Homebuilt tube reverb unit


1956 White Model 80 (Fender Princeton)

1962 Airline 2x12 tube 50 watt

1964 Fender Princeton (white knob)

Vox Brian May

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guitars: Gibby SG, modded to hell hendrix style strat

effects: double muff, digitech death metal, digitech bad monkey, digitech grunge, boss OC-2, digitech rp200A multi effects(getting that for christmas)

amp: marshall mg 15 Watt model, hopefully a peavey classic 30 with a 2 by 12 cab in the near future though. :-D

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didn't eupat have all those red fender bullets that i wanted? dude what happened to them? or was that some other dude?




super sonic

duo sonic

music master


hohner gd150

dobro spanish dancer res.

i sold all my pedals to joey

fender performer 1000

ge112 cab

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Gibson Les Paul Studio - Swamp Ash

Fender Jag-Stang


Big Muff Pi



Fender Princeton 112plus

Need a new amp though... probably will end up picking up a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe

id say deville over deluxe, because you get more headroom, and more watts backing you up. but thats just what i say, the deluxe is nice too.

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here's my brood. some you have seen some you havent.


from leaft to right

ibanez blazer bass

modded to bo-diggery jap fender jag (jazzuar!!!)

fake jazzmaster

64 fender duo-sonic II

epi acoustic (i forget the model ? i thingk its a j-200 or summit)

70s/60s guyatone hy-flier copy

danelectro 59-dc

epi sheraton II(on the floor)

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its a duo-sonic not a mustang but same idea really

i bought the jazz like this


added a new neck, new tuners, vintage trem, mustang bridge and re-finnished it .

before i got it it was just some bloke who made it out of parts.

i bought it for around 130 quid or summit

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Looks awesome...

Does it sounds great, have you changed the pick-ups...

no i havent changed the pickups , it sounds pritty damm sweet with the ones it has in . theres a unmarked jazzmaster pickup in the neck and a unmarked single coil in the bridge .

most off the recordings i have posted are done with that guitar so check them out to give you a idea .

all on here were done with it http://www.soundclick.com/hurbyhurbet cept for the top one

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