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You might wanna try rubbing some pencil lead into the nut grooves, this lubricates it, so that the strings slide through and don't catch when you tune/ use the vibrato.

You might be alright going from 10s to 11s without having to get the nut filed, but if you do have to file the nut I'd recommend getting it done by a tech, rather than mauling it yourself and then having to get a tech to fit a new nut.

One thing I found with the Mustang vibrato is that you need toget the spring tension right or the strings will keep either going flat or sharp. A good setup makes a huge difference.

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I have learned from my 1975 Mustang that the Dynamic Vibrato can be used & can stay in tune. Leo Fender was a genius but his original Statocaster tremolo & the Dynamic Vibrato both share the same fatal flaw.... no zero point when they are left floating. When you finish being the wang bar king it will never return to the same point. It's always a little sharp or flat. To solve this on a Stratocaster you simply tighten the screws on the spring claw all the way so the vibrato is flat on the body & it only losens the strings. On the Mustang style bridge you just tighten the allen screws through the small holes on the tail piece all the way tight. There is then no need to replace the bridge or lock it down. It's as good is locked. I bend the strings to go tighter & use the wang to go lower. When you let the bar go it always returns to the same point. The bar will stick up too much but it can be bent down to a useable position. Also if you dont use the wang this should be the simplest solution.



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