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Wiring Help Please?

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thanks for your reply...

the extra black wire comes together with the other 2 black wires, 

all leading from the hole to the body/pickups area 

i have looked up the schematic you shared , images and youtube, but all the jagstangs have only 2 black wires 

i don't think my guitar has been modded in any way so far as well

so i'm really confused by this mystery


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I just bought a second hand jag and mine has the same unattached black wire. 

One end is under the pic guard, so can I assume it’s attached to the bridge and it now needs to be re soldered to the bottom of the volume pot. ( that’s what it looks like it the diagram)? 

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hi , 


so I have massive background buzz

yes, i did solder it to the back of the volume pot, and the buzz was eliminated

so i guess its meant to be there, just that it got loose from age, i guess

(i dismantled it more, and yes it goes to the bridge/grounding)

did you have buzz too?

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