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Earlier this year there was a BBC 4 series about the development of black music. One episode featured a lot of early Gospel groups, late 50s/60s stuff. I can't for the life of me remember the names of the artists (apart from the Staple Singers, who I've always liked) but it was an eye opener as the guitarists in just about all of the groups used Jazzmasters. I was in heaven!

There's a brilliant compilation of early Staples stuff called 'Uncloudy Day' on the Charly label. Pop Staples used a jazzmaster for a large chunk of that era and used (amp) tremolo on virtually every song. Great stuff. He ended up using a Parker Fly...what went wrong?!

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I caught a bit of a VH1 doc on The Band last nite & there was a clip of the Staples & Pops was playing a 'burst Jaguar...he was amazing. I taped a radio broadcast of him in one of his last years on earth & he still sounded killer (& the amp trem stayed on the whole time). Didn't sound like a Fly, but, honestly, what do they sound like?

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