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Dating a “made in Japan” Jaguar HH Special U-serial

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Has anyone an idea how you can date a MIJ Fender Jaguar HH special? It has a U-serial number, but those seem to be used in 1995-1996 and in 2010-2011. I already removed the neck, but there is no date on it only 3 stamps “JG-HH”, “N” and “BLK”. 
in the neck pocket there are 2 stamps “JG-HH” (big and light black) and a red stamp “23.6.29”. The last one looks like a date stamp, but I cannot link it to 1995 or 2010. Any specialists here that can give any advice? Many thanks in advance!


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Hello! Not enough info/photos provided in your post to be much help.. But here's my guess.

The double humbucker and black color MIJ jaguar I think are more likely around 2010.  As most 90s mij jaguars were '66 and '62 reissues with more vintage colors available.

Again this is mostly a guess with this amount of available info.



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