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Jaguar 'classic player' set-up - help and advice much appreciated

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This is my Jag I'm needing help with

Hoping somebody has some advice on the following, as all of the set-up guides I've seen refer to traditional models, and not this 'classic player' version I have (MIM circa 2014, with the key factory adjustments being: Adjusto-Matic bridge with floating tremolo tailpiece, a 9.5 fingerboard radius and an improved neck pocket with increased back-angle for improved stability and sustain. The tremolo tailpiece is also closer to the bridge). 

I've decided to give the guitar a proper set-up as I never did when receiving it earlier this year and couldn't get to a luthier cos of covid and all that. I've done previous (Les Paul, Gretsch) setups before and am fairly confident, but this one's got me a little flummoxed.

The main thing I'm unsure of is with the neck - as Jags are offset guitars, the consensus in some circles is that the neck should have a shim to get the requisite level down-pressure on the bridge. But I've only seen this mentioned for the original (with either standard Jag or Mustang bridge), and I'm not sure if the 'improved neck pocket', adjustomatic bridge and the closer tailpiece of my guitar renders this redundant? 


Basically, do all the tips for setting up a Jag apply as normal, or do I need to factor in the different fingerboard radius, adjusto bridge, 'improved back-angle' etc?

The neck looks fine; fairly straight and neck relief is ok too, according to my calculations. I'm not sure what action I should be looking at for this though. I have 10s - 54s on it, and the tone is great...but a bit of buzzing on lower E and A strings. Never was a problem before, but I was using 9 and 10s before and a low action last time around. 

So on the action, any guides for what I should be trying to hit? Any measurements and or tips to ensure the neck is all good? 

And on the tremolo - is this set up the same way (adjustomatic bridge doesn't rock back and forth like original jags)? 

If anybody has a history of these and can shed any light/ballpark recommendations, it would be much appreciated. 



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