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1) I would think that anyone with a Jaguar or Jazzmaster that actually plays it would switch the original threaded screw saddles for Mustang saddles to keep the strings from popping from one screw thread to another while playing. That is a no brainer.

2) I would also assume that anyone who has set up a Jaguar, Jazzmaster, Mustang or Jag-Stang has wished they could adjust string heights individually on the bridge. Warmoth has a modified Mustang bridge that has individual adjustments that would fit any of the above guitars.


3) Slipery Graphite would be the icing on the cake.

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they aren't actually made of graphite.

i put my AV jaguar saddles on my old '62 jaguar, because the original ones on the '62 were rusted and siezed up. so the tusqs were replacements. i wouldn't have changed them otherwise. i never once knocked any strings off the saddles.

but i like the tusqs very much all the same. shame about the gaps, though

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