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No Sustain on Top E, B, and G string on Kurt Cobain Jag

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Hi everyone,

I have just purchased a Kurt Cobain Jaguar (NOS) and love it except for one pretty big issue. The G, B, and top E strings have little sustain and sound a bit like a sitar. I have been doing my own set-ups for years and went through all the usual issues but all the frets are fine, the nut is good and the action is great. The break angle at the back of the bridge is fine. If I pull the strings out of the grooves in the saddles and rest them on top of the saddles they sound fine and give the amount of sustain I'd expect. 

This led me to try raising the bridge which did not solve the issue and just affected the action. The guitar has a Gotoh tune o'matic bridge. I really do not know what to do, this guitar has taken me months of waiting to get and if I have to send it back it will be many more months before I can get another. Has anyone had any similar problems or know something that I am missing?


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