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Hi all - new Jaguar owner here. So apologies for any newbie-ness in what follows, but I have looked and looked and I can't seem to find any simple answers to the following.

I have just bought a MIM Jaguar Player and would like to switch out the tone/volume knobs and the 3-way selector knob. Clearly the vol/ton pots have set-screw solid shafts, about 5mm in width. The 3-way selector looks similar to a tele selector.

So - can anyone advise which Fender knobs I should be looking for? - ideally I want cream witch hats and a cream/chrome selector. All are black currently.  

Do Jazzmaster knobs fit (only cream witch hats I can find are expensive '1965 vintage Jazzmaster')? or Tele knobs? Or both? Or does it all vary?  

Grateful for help as I am currently somewhat lost in mm/inch/imperial/metric/split/solid/spline confusion!



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