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Jag-Sonic Mod Ideas?

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I just purchased a previously disfigured CIJ Jagstang body that was refurbished by a reputable luthier in my area.  

The original owner must have found the slab body to be uncomfortable, because he ripped it down to bare wood (with a bear claw, I presume) and attempted to carve out belly and forearm contours… Needless to say, he did not succeed in his mission.  He did, however, succeed in making a hot mess out of this guitar.  

The deep scratches and gouges were filled in and sanded back.  The contours were not able to be repaired, but they were evened out and sculpted as close to current Jaguar profiles as possible.  

Hey, Don’t get me wrong:  A stock body would be great, but contours would be the first thing I’d add if I was designing my own, and since it wasn’t stock and heavily modded, it was priced as such… so double bonus there!!

There was a previous client interested in it and he requested a Desert Sand Nitro paint job, but ended up backing out once the paint was on.  And now she is mine!  I pick it up next week!!

The clear coat has not been shot yet, soooo…. My question is:  


Should I repaint it in a more traditional color way, or stick with the Sand and do a Duo-sonic style treatment on it…

Maybe single coils and an anondized pickguard?  

I do have the following pickups in house:

cool rails, hot rails combo

SD Jazz Model (N), Pearly Gates (B)

Pair of SD Hot for Jaguar’s… that could be fun.

I do have a pair of Lollar Charlie Christians sitting around that I’ve been saving for my first Tele build… if I want to get crazy. 

I also have a pair of JMascis JM pups in the cupboard too, if I want to get REALLY crazy!  




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So YOU'RE the one who ended up with that body! I'd seen it, but I wasn't going to pay what a new Warmoth painted body would cost for a modified original! All those options sound nice, but remember if you're gonna go with the JM set you're gonna need to do some routing 😬

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