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30th anniversary vs. MIJ

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Hi All,

I've been looking to buy a Jag-Stang for years now and I finally found a 1996 in good shape and reasonable price but I sees that Fender is about to release the 30th anniversary version.

Should I wait or go vintage ? All opinions welcomed



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    • By Bklyn3
      I need a replacement  pickguard for my 1996 MIJ Jag-Stang.  I was hoping Fender would sell me one from the MIM production line however they told me it wouldn’t fit because Japan uses the metric system so the new Jag-Stang would be slightly different. Instead they recommended that I buy on from WD Music. 
      I contacted that vendor because the description was confusing but I got a much more confusing answer :
      « It [the pickguard] is made to fit the American made Jag-Stang, It will not fit the Japanese models. The Japanese models are not consistent from year to year especially the 90’s »
      I thought there was only two Jag-Stang made in the US. One delivered to Cobain and the other kept by Fender. Am I wrong ? Was there really a US manufactured Jag-Stang at some point ? 
      Does anyone has an original pickguard for sale? Willing to pay a good price for it. Or maybe a place where I can get one  to recommend ?
      any experience buying one from WD ? 
    • By seanhayson
      As my Squire VM Jaguar got stolen, I'm considering MIJ Traditional 60s or MIM Classic Player for upgrade, but I can't test a Japanese model.
      According to Japanese Fender website, MIJ stock model are having an ''U Shape'' neck, when most of the other Jaguar stock models like MIM Classic Player or American series are made with ''C Shape'' necks.

      MIJ Traditional 60s
      MIM Classic Player
      American Vintage

      So does it mean MIJ Jag are having a thicker or bigger neck?
      As a player with small hands, it's considerable to have thinner necks because they are more comfortable to play with. Thanks a lot
    • By cdnyc
      I recently modified my MIJ Jaguar HH with DiMarzio single coils and a four way switch, similar to the Johnny Marr Jaguar setup. I also want to change out the knobs for the vintage Jaguar/Jazzmaster volume and tone knobs. However after buying a set, I discovered they don't fit on the pots on that guitar. Does anyone know if it's possible to buy vintage knobs that will work? And if so, where I can get 'em?..
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