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New MIM Jag-Stang or old MIJ Jag-Stang?

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Hi! I'm new to the forum so I'm sorry if I did something wrong posting this...

I found a good 1997 MIJ Jag-Stang at the price of 1000 euros, all original, and I was wondering about what's better between the new ones MIM and the old MIJ in terms of sound and price value. I've never owned a Jag-Stang and I'm looking forward to buy one, I don't know if the old ones sound good. I've been told by someone that they sounded very bad (but I'm pretty diffident about that) and at the same time I think that now, with time, the old ones from the 90s MIJ will increase a lot their value.

Can you suggest me what's better between the two? Thank you!

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I’ve never heard of the old ones sounding really bad, I just picked up a 2021 lefty jag-stang in left handed and  I love it, quality is very great, I have a USA strat and the neck is almost as good, with a light fret end dressing it will be just as good.  I’ve also owned a 2001 Mexican strat and this jagstang is a lot better quality. 

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