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Lace Sensor pickups

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Hello! I am new to these forums, but have the same question as embah. I just wish the classic Mustang pickup covers fit on the JB or hot rail, otherwise I would go with those. It's also too bad it's nearly impossible to find the black covered lace sensors sice they've been discontinued. (or so I presume after talking to numerous people and websites) But long and short of it is I have found come black covered laces and feel they are best tonally and cometically and double checking before I go rushing off and purchasing them. So, please if anybody has experience with these please post!

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Lace Sensors are very definitely available in black.

http://www.lacemusic.com/electric_picku ... _specs.php

I've considered putting them on my Mustang, but I opted for American Standards, due to a little more bass, which I liked.

Sensors are great. There's no 60Hz hum, they don't drag your strings (thus helping intonation), and they have this very lively tone that makes chords jump out. I owned a Strat Plus with gold Sensors and it was niiiice.

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