Fender Mustang History

The bullet points below give the quick cliff-notes version of the Fender Mustang History.  More detailed history page coming soon.  Also check out Mr Maxima’s Mustang Story.

Brief Mustang History

  • Fender MusicMaster (one-pickup) and Duo-Sonic (two-pickups) introduced in spring of 1956.
  • Fender Mustang introduced in August 1964. “This guitar was essentially a Duo-Sonic with the Dynamic Fender Vibrato.”**
  • Fender introduces the ‘Competition’ Mustang in 1969.
  • The Mustang is discontinued in 1982.
  • From the early 90’s to 1998 the Japanese Mustang(1969 model) Re-Issue is being produced.

Mr. Maxima’s: The Fender Mustang Story