Favorites from Winter NAMM 2008

Now that Winter NAMM 2008 is complete we thought we would put together a summary of some of our favorites things from the show. Feel free to tell us your favorites by commenting this post.

AXL Badwater Guitars With “Eldorado” Body Style - great looking guitar with telecaster vibe

Axl Badwater

BOSS GT-10 Guitar Effects Processor

Boss GT-10

Gadow Guitars American Series

Gadow American Series

Bunch of new Gibson custom model guitars including a Steve Jones (Sex Pistols) model.

Gibson Steve Jones Sex Pistols

Gig-fx Pro-chop pedal for crazy chopping, panning, and tremelo effects. This could be a whole lot of fun.

gig-fx pro-chop pedal

So that was some of our favorites from the show. Doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of excitement from this years releases. I’m sure we missed a bunch so let us know if you saw any cool gear announced and what your favorites were.

(Note: Here is a link to harmony-central’s complete list of press releases from the show.)