Garagetone's Jazzstang build

Forum member Garagetone recently posted up some info and photos about a Jazzstang project he is working on.  You can see a few select photos and quotes from his thread in the post below.

To see even more photos and information see the full forum thread HERE.

After I crafted a bunch of “standard” bodies, I decided to merge the guitars from my two favorite bands. Kurdt’s Jag Stang, with Thurston’s Jazzmaster. - Garagetone

Nice work Garagetone!

Jazzstang Design

Jazzstang Design

Jazzstang Build Body Blank
Jazzstang Build - body routed and shaped
Jazzstang Build - hardware mounting
Jazzstang Build - hardware mounting
Jazzstang Build - painted
Jazzstang Build - with neck

Check out more from Garagetone on his Myspace Page.