jag-stang.com - 10 years on the web!

It was 10 years ago today, September 14 1997, that jag-stang.com was originally started. It’s hard to believe that many of the people that are visiting this site for the first time this year may not of even started pre-school yet in 1997!

Interestingly jag-stang.com didn’t start as jag-stang.com at all. Back in 1997 [geocities web pages] were all the rage, much like myspace today, and jag-stang.com was just another geocities webpage. From what I can find the url to that original page was something like ‘geocities.com/SunsetStrip/2925/’. The actual jag-stang.com domain name was secured and put in use about 6 weeks later, October 30 1997.

old geocities logo

Jag-Stang.com started off as “The Jag-Stang Owner’s Club” and was also known as the JSOC. It appears the original intent was to only cover jag-stangs and their owners. But as the jag-stang was discontinued and interest in the site continued to grow, the Fender Mustang and Fender Jaguar coverage was added, as they are the models the jag-stang is derived from. The original JSOC title logo is shown below:

JSOC logo circa 1999

The site has been through quite an evolution over the years. If you’re interested in seeing the summary of news updates over the years that track the site’s progress you can check out these 2 links:

You could also check the wayback machine at archive.org for some of the old archives of the site.


So we crack open the champagne to celebrate and say a big thank you! to all of the folks that have supported jag-stang.com over the last 10 years! After reflecting on how far the site has evolved over that period of time we look forward for the years to come!

10 years on the web in 1997-2007!