NAMM 2016 - Guitars of Interest

Here are some guitar highlights from NAMM 2016. If you’re looking for more in-depth coverage off all the NAMM happenings please check out news sites like MusicRadar.

We posted these guitars to our facebook page over the last week and it was interesting to see which guitars received the most interest and engagement. The order below is from most interest to least according to our facebook stats.

[1] Squier - Ryan Jarman model - There was no “official” info on this guitar but a lucky instagram user got a look. (Instagram Link)

[2] Ibanez Talman line - new finishes and configurations

[3] Ibanez NDM4 - Noodles Signature updates

[4] Earnie Ball Music Man St. Vincent model

[5] Reverend Billy Corgan Signature