Site refresh plus added newsfeed and weblog

In anticipation of “10 years on the web” for the site has been given a fresh new look. Please make sure you are using a recent browser and preferably a most recent version of firefox, safari or IE.

Along with the refresh a weblog has been added to more easily publish news updates to the site. The main entry page will show the last 3-4 posts while you can go to the ‘News’ section to see all the posts plus News, archives, and more. All the past site news has been archived into the weblog so you can see all the updates over the years. Here are 2 pages to easily access all the past site news:

If you use a RSS news reader you can add the News Feed to easily keep track of any updates to the site. We will also be posting many of the alternative guitar related press releases as well as other articles we would consider of interest to our audience.

To close out this update I thought I would post a couple of the old site header images I came across for old times sake.

old header image

old header image