It’s time for another look back at how the Registry has evolved during the previous year. (last update post was winter 2018) And we like to say a big THANK YOU! to all the jag-stang owners out there who have participated by adding their guitar info. It continues to be very interesting to get a feel for just how many jag-stangs are out there and where they’ve all ended up.

Below is the summary of data with the changes from the last 12 months in bold. Some of the interesting changes are: 84 new entries over the last 12 months! That’s about 7 new jag-stangs per month added.

  • Total guitars: 761 (+84 guitars!)
  • Handed – 94.3% right handed – 5.7% left handed (left gained +0.4%)
  • Color – Sonic Blue is the most popular color at 55.6%. (-0.2%)
  • Modifications – around 39.4% of the guitars are listed as modified. (-1.2%)
  • Countries – currently in 46 unique countries with most in the United States at 44.8%. (+1 new country)
  • Oldest – T016701 [Made In Japan] (no change)
  • Newest – R075779 [Crafted In Japan] (no change)

We welcome input from everyone on desired features to make the Registry even more interesting. If you haven’t yet added your jag-stang click the link below to get started.


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