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The Jag-Stang Bass !!?!

Back on April 1 2008 jag-stang.com put up an April Fools joke about Fender introducing a Jag-Stang Bass. Email still comes in to this day with people finding that post and not realizing it was a joke.

But one person took it upon themselves to actually build a “Jag-Stang Bass”. Below are some photos of Austin Coslar’s fantastic jag-stang bass creation.

For even more photos, including build-in-progress updates, see the following thread over on OffsetGuitars:  OSG Jag-Stang Bass Build

Thanks for sharing the photos with us Austin and nicely done!

FEA Labs: The Growler Pedal for Bass

FEA Labs has a pretty cool looking new pedal for you bass players out there.  Below is an excerpt from the press release.

[Press Release] FEA Labs is pleased to announce the FEA Growler pedal as the forth pedal to their lineup. The Growler is designed to add second harmonic warmth for the player who is looking to add that extra “growl” and “punch” to their bass tone. The analog harmonic octave tone generated by the pedal blends with natural tone of the bass guitar to add new dimensions to the fundamental dynamics of the tone.

FEA Labs Growler Bass Pedal
FEA Labs Growler Bass Pedal

Product Link: http://www.fealabs.com/products/GROWLER-0001.html