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New Jaguar and Jazzmaster models from Fender for 2015

Fender has announced 5 new Jaguar and Jazzmaster models for 2015!  Details on each of the 5 new models are below, including links to the official Fender pages. At the very end of the post is a video review of some of the models by Guitarist magazine.

New Fender Custom Shop – 1964 Closet Classic Jazzmaster

(Update! – Model retired as of 2015)

Fender Custom Shop has added the 1964 Closet Classic Jazzmaster to the Time Machine Series. Some of the features of this model include:

  • Closet Classic Sonic Blue finish with a matching headstock
  • vintage-spec pickups
  • 7.25″-radius hand-selected rosewood fingerboard with 21 vintage-style frets
  • white amp knobs
  • “L Series” neck plate
Fender Custom Shop 1964 Closet Classic Jazzmaster
Fender Custom Shop 1964 Closet Classic Jazzmaster

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New American Special Mustang and Jazzmaster from Fender

Fender is expanding it’s line of American Special guitars (introduced in 2010) with the addition of Mustang and the Jazzmaster models. Both look to be available in black and 3-color sunburst and be offered at the $899.99 price point. (1249.99 msrp)

The jazzmaster comes in fairly typical setup with 2 jazzmaster special humbuckers. The mustang is being offered with a HH setup using dual “atomic” humbuckers and the lower pickup switch. Images and links to the Fender pages follow below.

American Special Fender Mustang
American Special Fender Mustang
American Special Fender Jazzmaster
American Special Fender Jazzmaster


Fender Bringing Back The Starcaster and Coronado

The Starcaster and Coronado are a couple Fender models that have found a lot of demand over the years. Especially since they haven’t been in production since the early 80s (starcaster) and 70s (coronado). Ebay auctions of good condition originals have brought crazy amounts of money in some cases.

Fender is bringing both of them back. Check out the info below available via Fender for more details.

Fender Guitar Page : http://www.fender.com/guitars/other/starcaster-guitar/0243102506.html

Fender Starcaster
Fender Starcaster