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Favorites from Summer NAMM 2008

Summer NAMM 2008 has just wrapped up in Nashville, Tennessee and here are some of our favorite from the show.  There were no real scoops from the show as a lot of the news trickled out leading up to the show.

Fender announcements

Gibson announcements

If you are a Jaguar or Jazzmaster fan this is great news for you.  Affordable Mexican models probably right down at your local guitar shops soon. You no longer have any excuses as to why you can’t find a Mustang, Jaguar, or Jazzmaster any more.  But don’t even ask about jag-stangs… lol

The Fender Classic Player Jaguar and Jazzmaster

Fender has introduced new Jaguar and Jazzmaster guitars in the Classic Player line. The Classic Player Jaguar and Jazzmaster are Mexican made with some very nice updates and improvements.

Notable updates/improvements are:

  • Adjusto-Matic Bridge (somewhat like a tune-o-matic)
  • 9.5″ fretboard radius (compared to the 7.25″ radius previously)
  • sustain/stability improvements – increased back angle, tremolo plate moved closer to bridge
  • dual humbucker option on the jaguar
  • “hotter” pickups

These new Classic Player models should nicely fill the gap left when the Japan made models became no longer available. Just the bridge and fretboard radius improvements alone will make this guitar look very attractive compared to the much higher priced American Vintage Jaguars and Jazzmasters.

The dual humbucker sunburst jaguar will also undoubtedly be a favorite of the Cobain fans. Who will no longer need to go through the hassles and expense of getting one of the “Kurtified” Fender Japan Jaguars.

(Click pics for larger images)

Fender Classic Player Jaguar

Fender Classic Player Jazzmaster

We plan to have a hands on review posted in the future.

Kurt Cobain Using the Fender Jag-Stang Live

While Kurt wasn’t alive long enough for us to see him play the jag-stang very much there were some shows during the ’94 European tour where he did.

Below is one of the better quality videos of Kurt playing the jag-stang on the song Dumb from the Slovenia 2/27/94 tour date. Thanks to Ryan for suggesting us post this on our blog!  If you see other cool jag-stang videos that we should post let us know.

Fender introducing Jag-Stang Bass guitar

[Edit: Hope everyone had a fun April Fools Day and didn’t believe anything posted today, April 1.]

It’s a Jaguar Bass. It’s a Mustang Bass. No. It’s a Jag-Stang Bass!

Similar to how the Jag-Stang was created it looks like Fender has taken features from both the Fender Jaguar Bass and the Fender Mustang Bass and created the Jag-Stang Bass. There are not many details available yet but we did get a hold of a couple images. Fender is expected to announce the Jag-Stang Bass at the Summer NAMM show.

Fender JagStang Bass

Click for High-Res photo.


JagStang Bass headstock

JagStang Bass Body

Fender Jazzmaster now a half century old

It’s hard to believe the Fender Jazzmaster was first introduced 50 years ago, back in 1958. While it’s not one of the guitars that has it’s own section here at jag-stang.com we do have a strong affinity for the Jazzy.

It’s very likely that if there was no Fender Jazzmaster there would be no Fender Jaguar and thus no Fender Jag-Stang ! And oh how sad that would make us! 🙂

Are you a current or former Jazzmaster owner? We would love to hear your thoughts on the jazzy and how it influenced your playing over the years in the comments to this post.

1958 Fender Jazzmaster

If you’re interested in more of the inner details of a 1958 Jazzmaster you should visit this fantastic web page. [link] That page has a lot of detailed photos and descriptions of one.

And here’s a few vintage Fender Jazzmaster ads to enjoy while reminiscing. (Click the images for larger versions.)

Corgan signature strat pickups to be DiMarzio

A bit more info is trickling out above the upcoming Billy Corgan signature stratocaster.

Fender blogs about some custom DiMarzio BC pickups HERE. Being called BC80 and BC89 they also have a photo on the blog post. If anyone has a guess as to what DiMarzio model these might be based on let’s hear it.

Corgan DiMarzio Pickups BC80 BC89

[photo via Fender Blog]

Billy Corgan signature Fender Stratocaster coming soon

On Jan 21 there was a post on the Fender blog with the following quote: “soon-to-be Fender signature artist Billy Corgan of the Smashing Pumpkins” Which would indicate an official signature guitar is on the horizon. Along with that post was a great video of Billy visiting the Fender booth at Winter NAMM 2008.

The blog post and video have since been removed by Fender so it appears the community team jumped the gun a bit in sharing the news of this signature guitar.

EDIT: the Fender blog post and video that were unavailable since Jan 24 have now returned. (Jan 29)

Fender Blog Post with video [link]

Billy Corgan stratocaster

The online buzz is that the strat will be the one he’s been playing on the latest pumpkins tour. The newish looking 70s styled strat. And it will come in 2 colors, black and white (creme?).

Billy Corgan stratocaster

Hopefully Fender will give some official info soon.

Billy Corgan stratocaster

Strat-stang – combination Stratocaster and Mustang

[The following article was submitted by jag-stang.com visitor Lonnie. He was inspired to share the story of his strat-stang creation after reading about the Fender Mu-uar in a previous post. Please enjoy Lonnie’s great story below. ]

stratstang full

Back in 1981 a high school buddy loaned me 1966 Mustang and allowed me to string it left-handed to try it out. Even with that awkward setup that neck fit my hand perfectly. I could not find a lefty Mustang anywhere so I ended up buying a Strat instead, which had its own nice features, but I never forgot how much I liked the feel of that Mustang neck.

Then in 1994 I walked into a music store and saw a new lefty reissue Mustang. I wanted it badly but I was unemployed and broke so I had to pass it up, swearing that I would someday come back and buy it. A year later I had a good job and was on my feet again, but when I went back to that music store I found out the Mustang had already been discontinued.

I kept looking and in 1998 I bought a `96 Jag-Stang (image) new for an astonishing $330. The neck was fantastic–heavenly! It felt just like the neck on my friend’s old Mustang. The body, however, was a different story. Sitting or standing, I just couldn’t get comfortable with it. I wished I could put that Jag-Stang neck on a Strat body but I knew they would not be compatible.

strat-stang bodyThen I remembered Warmoth made a 7/8 scale Strat body and I contacted them and asked if it would work. The owner at the time, Ken Warmoth, explained that he had designed the 7/8 body back in the 70’s as a direct replacement for a Mustang body, so the project was a go. In 1999 I ordered an alder body with hardtail bridge (let’s face it, tremolo just does not work on a 24″ scale) and fire engine red gloss polyurethane. I also had to buy a pickguard and bridge that specifically fit this body. I sold all the extra Jag-Stang parts to finance the purchase.As any Fender tinkerer knows, American Fenders were built with S.A.E. measurements and Japanese Fenders are Metric so mixing those parts require a little bit of nudging.

I had to slightly widen the neck pocket to accept the JS neck. After a lot of sweat and prayer it came together nicely. My goal was to build a Strat-stang, a hybrid of the parts I liked from the Strat and Mustang. As you can see from the photos, I chose a Strat contoured body, pickguard, pickup setup, bridge and jack, but with a Mustang scale and knobs.

stratstang 3

The bridge pickup is from the Jag-stang and the other two are temporaries from a Squire Strat, and eventually they will have solid black Mustang covers. I always liked the flexibility of the Strat Elite pushbutton pickup selector and incorporated that as well. I don’t like having the volume knob so close to the bridge so I plugged that hole and used the Mustang’s 1 volume/1 tone setup. Strat knobs are numbered right-handed which makes them confusing in a lefty setup; I prefer Mustang knobs because they’re easier to grip. I chose red, white and black to mimic the color scheme of my beloved `73 Musicmaster bass.

stratstang 5

The guitar is a terrific success. It is a joy to play, lightweight,absolutely comfortable and sounds delicious with acres of surfy twang and slink. I coated the routings with NickelPrint, which is a conductive paint that acts as a reasonably good EMF shield, and covered the back of the pickguard with aluminum foil duct tape. The end result is a silent guitar with no crackle or hum. I use D’Addario Light Top/Heavy Bottom strings, which seem to work well with the short scale.

My boss’s band has a lefty guitarist who has played it on a few occasions and loves it, wishing he had one of his own. I had hoped to build another with humbuckers to act as a pseudo Les Paul, but that leads to the down side of the story:

Two years ago I called up Warmoth to order a 7/8 scale pickguard cut for humbuckers, with the intention that if it sounded good like that I would order another body and build a second guitar. To my dismay I found out that Warmoth had been sold and they were no longer making any 7/8 scale parts. Worse yet, they had even tossed out the old templates. So now my StratStang is literally a one-of-a-kind.

To add insult to injury, Warmoth now makes Mustang parts and Fender is producing Mustangs yet again–both right-handed only. Needless to say, my opinion of Warmoth is just as obscene as my opinion of Fender.

Additional photos below. Click thumbnails for larger images.

stratstang 3 stratstang 4 stratstang 6

stratstang 7 stratstang 8

[Authored by: Lonnie]