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Regency Red Jazzmaster Project Guitar

We love featuring the project guitars of our forum members and regular visitors. Here is another great project guitar from forum regular CROSS. A regency red jazzmaster project. Below are details and photos of CROSS’ project.

CROSS Jazzmaster - strung full

Here is the forum post if you want to jump in on the original project discussion. [url]

CROSS wrote: The body is alder. I bought the timber off Ebay from America. 

The template is from guitarbuildngtemplates.com. These templates are not ‘Fender-accurate’, I think they are copied from Warmoth. The shape itself is fine, but the neck and body cavities needed a bit of adjusting. 

It fits the US jazzmaster pickguard which I bought from Dazbootman. Just w/b/w. I may upgrade to brown tortoishell.

The neck is from allparts. It’s an amazing neck. 7 1/4″ radius. I stained it, sprayed it with gloss auto acrylic. The decal is from decaljoe. I would have liked to have built my own neck with the correct Jazzmaster design , but I don’t have the time.

I finished the body with Auto acrylic. I have used this colour before with the Musicmaster project I made a while ago. It polished up nicely. It’s very fragile paint, but keeps the shine.

AVRI pickups with cream/aged covers.

(Click for larger photos)

Paul Reed Smith Guitar Amplifiers Released

They were announced a few months back and now the Paul Reed Smith Guitar amps have been released at Winter NAMM 2009.

Below is a video and couple links to wet your appetite and show you more about the PRS amp models available.
[youtube bGglkYCBhQE]
Video Link 

[Amps page at Prsguitars.com]

The Amps – Blue Sierra, Dallas, and Original Sewell.

Paul Reed Smith Blue Sierra
Paul Reed Smith Blue Sierra
Paul Reed Smith Blue Sierra
Paul Reed Smith Blue Sierra

The Fender Classic Player Jaguar and Jazzmaster

Fender has introduced new Jaguar and Jazzmaster guitars in the Classic Player line. The Classic Player Jaguar and Jazzmaster are Mexican made with some very nice updates and improvements.

Notable updates/improvements are:

  • Adjusto-Matic Bridge (somewhat like a tune-o-matic)
  • 9.5″ fretboard radius (compared to the 7.25″ radius previously)
  • sustain/stability improvements – increased back angle, tremolo plate moved closer to bridge
  • dual humbucker option on the jaguar
  • “hotter” pickups

These new Classic Player models should nicely fill the gap left when the Japan made models became no longer available. Just the bridge and fretboard radius improvements alone will make this guitar look very attractive compared to the much higher priced American Vintage Jaguars and Jazzmasters.

The dual humbucker sunburst jaguar will also undoubtedly be a favorite of the Cobain fans. Who will no longer need to go through the hassles and expense of getting one of the “Kurtified” Fender Japan Jaguars.

(Click pics for larger images)

Fender Classic Player Jaguar

Fender Classic Player Jazzmaster

We plan to have a hands on review posted in the future.

Gorgeous Jag-Stang Project Guitar

Forum member iCEByTes has put together a gorgeous custom jag-stang project guitar.

For all the details on his project and all the folks who contributed to it visit this forum post.  [url] You could also post any questions to the creator there.

Some of the specs on the guitar are:

  • neck: 24″ C shape (copy of jag-stang neck)
  • body: ash (copy of jag-stang body ash), with straight humbucker and contours
  • pickups: Seymour Duncan Lipstick SLS-n and Seymour Duncan JB

Below are a few photos of the project jagstang.

Custom Project JagStang guitar

custom jagstang project guitar

Custom Jag-Stang headstock

If you have a custom jag-stang, jaguar, or mustang project guitar send us your photos!  We’ll put up a post to show off your project.

Fender Jazzmaster now a half century old

It’s hard to believe the Fender Jazzmaster was first introduced 50 years ago, back in 1958. While it’s not one of the guitars that has it’s own section here at jag-stang.com we do have a strong affinity for the Jazzy.

It’s very likely that if there was no Fender Jazzmaster there would be no Fender Jaguar and thus no Fender Jag-Stang ! And oh how sad that would make us! 🙂

Are you a current or former Jazzmaster owner? We would love to hear your thoughts on the jazzy and how it influenced your playing over the years in the comments to this post.

1958 Fender Jazzmaster

If you’re interested in more of the inner details of a 1958 Jazzmaster you should visit this fantastic web page. [link] That page has a lot of detailed photos and descriptions of one.

And here’s a few vintage Fender Jazzmaster ads to enjoy while reminiscing. (Click the images for larger versions.)