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Kurt Cobain Using the Fender Jag-Stang Live

While Kurt wasn’t alive long enough for us to see him play the jag-stang very much there were some shows during the ’94 European tour where he did.

Below is one of the better quality videos of Kurt playing the jag-stang on the song Dumb from the Slovenia 2/27/94 tour date. Thanks to Ryan for suggesting us post this on our blog!  If you see other cool jag-stang videos that we should post let us know.

The 28 Most Recognizable Guitars from Blender.com

We like Best/Most/Worst/etc lists. They seem to generate great discussion in all kinds of directions.

So here we present you with Blender.com’s “28 Most Recognizable Guitars”. The Fender Mustang, as made famous by Kurt Cobain, comes in at a very respectable 14 on the list.

Kurt Cobain Fender Mustang

This list is shown below. You can also check out the Blender article which includes great descriptions and video links for each entry. (Blender article link)

  • 28. Buck Owens: Red, White and Blue acoustic
  • 27. Les Claypool – Primus: The Rainbow Bass
  • 26. Michael Angelo Batio: The Reverse Double-Neck
  • 25. Dave Grohl – Foo Fighters: Dan Armstrong/Ampeg ARMG-2
  • 24. Michael Anthony – Van Halen: Jack Daniel’s Bass
  • 23. Angus Young – AC/DC: Gibson SG
  • 22. Ace Frehley – KISS: Laser Guitar
  • 21. Albert King: Gibson Flying V
  • 20. Zakk Wylde – Ozzy Osbourne/Black Label Society: The Grail
  • 19. Jerry Only – The Misfits: The Devastator
  • 18. Billie Joe Armstrong – Green Day: Blue
  • 17. Bootsy Collins: Space Bass
  • 16. Dimebag Darrell Abbott – Pantera/Damageplan: The Dean From Hell
  • 15. Rick Nielsen – Cheap Trick: Hamer Five-Neck
  • 14. Kurt Cobain – Nirvana: Fender Mustang
  • 13. ZZ Top: Dean Spinning Fur Guitar/Bass
  • 12. Gene Simmons – KISS: Axe Bass
  • 11. Eric Clapton: Blackie
  • 10. B.B. King: Lucille
  • 9. Jack White – White Stripes: 1964 J.B. Hutto Montgomery Airline
  • 8. Bo Diddley: The Big B
  • 7. Willie Nelson: Trigger
  • 6. Prince: Purple Glyph Symbol Guitar
  • 5. Paul McCartney – Beatles: Hofner Violin Bass
  • 4. Jimmy Page – Led Zeppelin: Gibson SG Double Neck
  • 3. Elvis Presley: Martin D-28 Acoustic
  • 2. Eddie Van Halen – Van Halen: Frankenstrat
  • 1. Jimi Hendrix: Fender Stratocaster