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Summary of Nirvana Hall Of Fame and Secret Aftershow News at Antiquiet

There’s a great blog article over on Antiquiet summarizing the events of Nirvana’s induction into the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame and also a secret aftershow!

Article at Antiquet [click here]

Also another great page of photos from the secret show including shots of John McCauley playing the jag-stang! (photos credited to Keith Marlowe)

Secret Show Photos [click here]

John McCauley
John McCauley

Nirvana – "Live at Reading" released

If you’re a big Nirvana fan you likely already know how great their 1992 Reading Festival performance was and probably have your own bootleg of it. Now, on the 20th anniversary of the Bleach album release, you can not only pickup up the remastered Bleach album but a “Live at Reading” album on CD/DVD/Vinyl.

Nirvana Live At Reading

It’s a fantastic live album that you should have in your collection if you don’t already. Check out a review at snobmusic.


  1. Breed
  2. Drain You
  3. Aneurysm
  4. School
  5. Sliver
  6. In Bloom
  7. Come As You Are
  8. Lithium
  9. About A Girl
  10. Tourette’s
  11. Polly
  12. Lounge Act
  13. Smells Like Teen Spirit
  14. On A Plain
  15. Negative Creep
  16. Been A Son
  17. All Apologies
  18. Blew
  19. Dumb
  20. Stay Away
  21. Spank Thru
  22. Love Buzz (DVD ONLY)
  23. The Money Will Roll Right In
  24. D-7
  25. Territorial Pissing