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HNB’s Walnut Stained Jag-Stang Project

We always like to highlight the projects forum members are working on.  And here is another recent project from HNB.

A custom made jag-stang featuring some of the following: TK Custom Guitars jag-stang body, MusicMaster neck, strat bridge pickup, 500k pots, and more!

The project details and many more images of his project can be found in the forum thread here.


Garagetone’s Jazzstang build

Forum member Garagetone recently posted up some info and photos about a Jazzstang project he is working on.  You can see a few select photos and quotes from his thread in the post below.

To see even more photos and information see the full forum thread HERE.

After I crafted a bunch of “standard” bodies, I decided to merge the guitars from my two favorite bands. Kurdt’s Jag Stang, with Thurston’s Jazzmaster. – Garagetone

Nice work Garagetone!

Jazzstang Build
Jazzstang Design
Jazzstang Build
Jazzstang Build Body Blank
Jazzstang Build
Jazzstang Build - body routed and shaped
Jazzstang Build
Jazzstang Build - hardware mounting
Jazzstang Build
Jazzstang Build - hardware mounting
Jazzstang Build Painted
Jazzstang Build - painted
Jazzstang Build with neck
Jazzstang Build - with neck

EDIT: Updated with demo video.

Check out more from Garagetone on his Myspace Page.

DIY Guitar Effect Parts and Kits – Essential Links

image of buildyourownclone kit
image of buildyourownclone kit

I have been recently researching some “do it yourself” guitar effects kits and during my research forum user mcconnachiea posted this great list of links in the forum. Such a good list has to be saved and shared.  Please drop a comment on this post if you have some other favorite fx builder sites or if you want to share your diy effect pedal building experiences.

This huge list of links should be plenty to get your started researching the diy side of guitar effects.




European sites:

Regency Red Jazzmaster Project Guitar

We love featuring the project guitars of our forum members and regular visitors. Here is another great project guitar from forum regular CROSS. A regency red jazzmaster project. Below are details and photos of CROSS’ project.

CROSS Jazzmaster - strung full

Here is the forum post if you want to jump in on the original project discussion. [url]

CROSS wrote: The body is alder. I bought the timber off Ebay from America. 

The template is from guitarbuildngtemplates.com. These templates are not ‘Fender-accurate’, I think they are copied from Warmoth. The shape itself is fine, but the neck and body cavities needed a bit of adjusting. 

It fits the US jazzmaster pickguard which I bought from Dazbootman. Just w/b/w. I may upgrade to brown tortoishell.

The neck is from allparts. It’s an amazing neck. 7 1/4″ radius. I stained it, sprayed it with gloss auto acrylic. The decal is from decaljoe. I would have liked to have built my own neck with the correct Jazzmaster design , but I don’t have the time.

I finished the body with Auto acrylic. I have used this colour before with the Musicmaster project I made a while ago. It polished up nicely. It’s very fragile paint, but keeps the shine.

AVRI pickups with cream/aged covers.

(Click for larger photos)

AJ’s Project Gold Top Jag-Stang (Warmoth body and neck)

We bring you another fantastic jagstang project in this post.  Comprised of a Warmoth made jagstang body and neck AJ put together a really nice guitar here.

Some of the specs from AJ’s “Gold Top” jag-stang are:

  • Warmoth jagstang body
  • Warmoth 24″ neck
  • compound neck radius – from 10″ to 16″ radius
  • Gibson style frets
  • Bridge pickup – Seymour Duncan: Duncan Custom SH-5
  • Neck pickup – Seymour Duncan JB Jr. SJBJ-1
  • Tuners – Schaller locking
  • Bridge – Warmoth; which is much more adjustable than the stock Jagstang / Mustang bridges

(click for larger image)

AJ\'s gold project jagstang, warmoth neck and body

(click for larger image)

AJ\'s gold project jagstang, warmoth neck and body

This photo includes an original (c 1974) Mustang neck that AJ intended to use, but he found the Warmoth neck much better for playability.

(click for larger image)

AJ\'s gold project jagstang, warmoth neck and body, 74 Mustang neck

AJ’s guitar is a part of the Warmoth gallery.

(click for larger image)

AJ\'s gold project jagstang

Do you have a project jag-stang or modified jag-stang you’re proud of?  Send us the photos and the specs and we may post it here! [Contact us here.]

Gorgeous Jag-Stang Project Guitar

Forum member iCEByTes has put together a gorgeous custom jag-stang project guitar.

For all the details on his project and all the folks who contributed to it visit this forum post.  [url] You could also post any questions to the creator there.

Some of the specs on the guitar are:

  • neck: 24″ C shape (copy of jag-stang neck)
  • body: ash (copy of jag-stang body ash), with straight humbucker and contours
  • pickups: Seymour Duncan Lipstick SLS-n and Seymour Duncan JB

Below are a few photos of the project jagstang.

Custom Project JagStang guitar

custom jagstang project guitar

Custom Jag-Stang headstock

If you have a custom jag-stang, jaguar, or mustang project guitar send us your photos!  We’ll put up a post to show off your project.