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The Jag-Stang Registry – Winter 2016 Update

Every so often we like to take a look back at how the Registry has evolved during the previous year or so. And we like to say a big THANK YOU! to all the jag-stang owners out there who have participated by adding their guitar info. It’s been very interesting to get a feel for just how many jag-stangs are out there and where they’ve all ended up.

Below is the summary of data with the changes from the last 14+ months in bold. Some of the interesting changes are: 152 new entries over the last 14 months! That’s about 10 new jag-stangs per month added.

  • Total guitars: 426 (+152 guitars!)
  • Handed – 94.8% right handed – 5.2% left handed (left gained +0.5%)
  • Color – Sonic Blue is the most popular color at 56.1%. (+0.3%)
  • Modifications – around 40.4% of the guitars are listed as modified. (-0.8%)
  • Countries – currently in 39 unique countries with most in the United States at 40.4%. (+4 new countries)
  • Oldest – T016701 [Made In Japan] (no change)
  • Newest – R075779 [Crafted In Japan] – This is the only CIJ we’ve seen with a leading ‘R07’ serial number. (new entry)

We plan to continue adding features and tweaks to The Registry and welcome input from everyone on desired features. If you haven’t yet added your jag-stang click the link below to get started.


–> Visit The Registry <–

Jag-Stang Registry Logo

New Forum Features – Going Mobile and Social

We made some major changes to the jag-stang.com forum a few weeks ago.  Now that everything is getting settled into place I thought it would be a good time to point out some of the more interesting new features the forum has to offer.

Going Mobile

One of my favorite new features is the mobile version of the forum.  It is an extremely streamlined and simplified version of the forum which make interaction through mobile devices much easier. Not to mention load faster as well.

Just point your mobile browser to http://www.jag-stang.com/forum and the mobile version automatically loads up. It works particularly well on the iPhone and Android OS devices.

Below is a screenshot of how the forum appears on an iPod touch.

Mobile Jag-Stang.com Forum
Mobile Jag-Stang.com Forum

Going Social

The real value of discussion forums has continued to evolve over the years making it more important than ever to be able to easily discover and connect to those new friends.  The new version of the forum gives the user even more tools to let others get to know and contact them.  You can do status updates on your profile or even pipe your Twitter status updates into your profile. Also more profile personalizations exist to further set yourself apart.

Another cool feature is the ability to login with your Facebook and/or Twitter accounts to the forum.  Or existing forum members can link their existing forum profile to their Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Twitter and Facebook Support
Twitter and Facebook Support

We still realize that there is certain appeal to the anonymity that exists in forums and we totally respect your desire to be that way.  So even though we have all these new social features you can still create new accounts and provide as little information about yourself as you see  fit.

Looking forward to all the feedback on the new forum. We have a lot more site updates and changes in store for the coming months.  And a big THANKS to everyone who has visited and continues to visit us!

PS: You can access the forums by clicking the ‘Forum’ link in the tool bar towards the top of the site. Or visit: http://www.jag-stang.com/forum

jag-stang.com turns 12

It was 12 years ago today, September 14 1997, that jag-stang.com was originally started.

If you’re looking for a brief history check out our blog post from 2 years ago on the 10th anniversary.

We’re working on a site re-design at this time which we hope to have in place by the end of the year. Not knowing what issues there may  be a more accurate date can’t be set.  There are no plans for any changes to the forum, other than maybe the look.